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Ekokarta över Mönsterås

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The mapp will be available on as a PDF. This will be done after may 3rd.

Pilot map to show our municipality in a fresh and new way
About this Map

The map was made at the planning department of Mönsterås municipality. It is a pilot map, quick and dirty in order to present Mönsterås to possible new residents and visitors in a new way. One of the goals is to formulate a follow-up project based on the response.
We came up with the idea on march 31st. We registered on april 3rd. The map was ready on april 25th. So it was made in 22 days.... The official publication date is 3rd may 2008.
We focused on these themes because we had information available about them. We are planning on making follow-up maps with different themes (tourist map e.g.)

- Kalmar Län - Sweden - Europe
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