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Portsmouth Neighborhood Green Map

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A community partnership to chart Portsmouth Neighborhood environment
About this Map

The Portsmouth Green Map was conceived and created as a partnership between Portland Green Map, a citywide community mapping organization, Portsmouth Vision 20/20, a community development organization located in the Portsmouth Neighborhood, and the Science Club at Portsmouth Middle School. Over the course of several months, students at Portsmouth Middle School used GIS (Geographic Information System) software to create maps of their neighborhood that incorporate environmental assets and special features. This is the product of their work, a map of Portsmouth neighborhood, for the Portsmouth neighborhood, created by the students of Portsmouth Middle School.

This map is meant to show Portsmouth Neighborhood residents interesting information about environmental sites in and around the neighborhood. The icons, which have been used on Green Maps all over the world, mark the locations of certain types of sites in the neighborhood, from good places to see the autumn leaves to local contaminated sites.

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