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Green Map Impact - Green Map changes the community

Price: $18.00

Green Map Impact

Green Map Impacts focuses on various kinds of case studies which gave Actual impacts or Influences on communities by making Green Maps. These unique case studies were picked up from Japan and the world.

Format: A4 size, 40 p. full colored
Language: Japanese (It will be translated into English)
Publisher: Chubu Recycle, Inc.
Planning & Editing: Green Map Aichi + Green Map Japan, Inc.
Cooperation: Green Map System, Inc.
Audience:Existing map makers, city planners, community leaders, or people who want to work for the community

-Impact on Eco-Action
-Impacts on Children & Youth
-Impacts on Community
-Impacts on City Planning
-Impacts on Public Policy
-Impacts on Nature Protection
-Impacts on Traditional Culture
-Impacts on CSR
-Other Unique Impacts
-Impacts on Networking

Price: $18.00