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Dubai Green Map

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A simple Gesture of my gratitude to this bountiful country and its kind people.
About this Map

Dubai Green Map is a primary effort toward highlighting and promoting green living and practices among citizens, residents and tourists of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.
United Arab Emirates plays a vital and impressive role in the region, by adopting and promoting humanitarian and environmental acts and practices. For several decades, leaders of the country gave all effort to protect the environment for future generations, and dedicated all available resources to promote environment sustainability education and practices among their people and the international society.
Dubai is turning green; in fact, during the last few years of the city urban development, through all aspects, many steps and measures have been taken by authorities, proving their environmental concerns, and interest in environment sustainability, protection and contribution to the world combat against climate changes.
Dubai is a unique city, very rich and diversified in population nationalities, cultures and interests. Its geographic location and insightful rulers' futuristic vision made it a strategic crossroad between East and West, and a civilizations blending place as well.
Dubai Green Map project is intended to draw the attention of people living in Dubai and its visitors, to the importance of many Green sites and attractions of the city, the need to expand Green areas and applications, and the positive impacts of Green practices over the city’s environment and future generations healthy and sustainable living.
Green Maps of other parts of the country will hopefully follow in the near future.

دبــي - Emirate of Dubai - United Arab Emirates - Africa & Middle East
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