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Congratulations on the Shimata Green Map!

Green Map System is pleased to recognize the Shimata Green Map, which is now featured among the collection of Green Maps from all over the world. Thank you and congratulations to the project leader, Yuko Shiraishi and her pupils at Shimata Elementary School. We also appreciate Yuko's blog entries on their map-making process (in Japanese!).

The large map is very nicely hand-crafted and reflects the students' care in researching their community. An accompanying booklet provides a well-written description and photo of each site in this collage of both pleasant and hazardous places in the area. We are glad to hear about the elementary school students rediscovering what their district has to offer as well as presenting ideas about what they would like the future to be.

We look forward to hearing any changes that your team brought to the community. Great job!

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