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Mapmakers share a sustainable vision at CUexpo 2008

CU Expo 2008

Last month, the University of Victoria in Canada held the third CUexpo08, the Community-University Exposition 2008. The traditional territory of the Coast Salish First Nations welcomed participants from North America and special guests from all around the world. This event was co-created by the Green Mapmakers in British Columbia.

CUexpo08 was a great opportunity to showcase exciting community-campus reserach and action initiatives from different countries. Some of the thematic areas were knowledge exchange, sustainability, poverty, housing and homelessness, healthy living, climate change, community economic development, social economy, food security, arts based activism, Aboriginal leadership in research.

Green Map System staff from the global headquarters and Green Mapmakers from Europe, North and Latin America organized The Local-Global Green Map Roundtable. In this pre-CUExpo08 open event, the Mapmakers themselves presented different community and Green Mapmaking experiences and results. Regional participants brought some wonderful ideas and experiences to the table, and many important insights were shared by this diverse group.

Also during the CUexpo event, the Green Mapmakers had the opportunity to share their unique projects, approaches, methodologies and impacts in several key lectures related to community and sustainable development.

The program included:
- A Global Overview on 461 projects in 50 countries! by Founding Director Wendy Brawer.
- Story-sharing from the Mapa Verde Network in Cuba, Latin America and Pan America and Local (Victoria and CRD) Mapmaking Projects.
- Overview of online mapmaking and the new interactive OpenGreenMap.
- Ways to get involved! Green Map Icons, Tools and Design Resources.
- Planning and Vision-Sharing for the Common Ground Mapping Network.
- Orientation to new UVic Community Mapping Supports.

Special thanks to the local mapmakers, presenters and organizers (Sarah Dickie, Maeve Lydon, Ken Josephson, Charles Burnett and Andrew Bateman) and to the Green Mapmakers of our global network (Wendy Brawer-NYC, US; Beth Ferguson-Austin, US; Max Goldstein, Sweden; Carlos Martinez, Colombia; Liana Bidart and Dely Velazquez, Cuba).

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