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Our first shot creating awareness by introducing the G.icons to the tourists & locals. From Dali & beyond...
About this Map

G.Map@Dali was Dali Global Village Eco-Tourism(DGVET) first GREENMAP project to try to promote GREEN awareness thru the icons to the locals. Being overwhelmed by massive GREEN slogans and advetisments locally. We have to link the message onto the world here.

Dali was the first stop on the main chinese tourists route in westrn Yunnan. Nested at the foot of Mt Cang beside Lake Er at 2000m, the Ancient City of Dali had been around for more then 2000 years. Being the main city on the Southern Silk Road (aka Burma Trail), the city was now still filled by travellers from all over the world in the booming travel industry.

With the immense growth in domestic & foreign tourists, along brought much to be dealt with in, the limited capacity to process the remains left by the millions.

to what extend?
we'll be extending & beyond...

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