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Green Map in the News!

Over the past weeks, Green Map System, the Open Green Map, Mapmakers and their locally-led mapmaking projects have received the attention of the press.

Below you will find the different articles and blogs that celebrate the success of Green Mapmaking as an initiative that strength a sustainable future.

More articles and blogs about our growing global movement are listed in our News section.

Who's talking about the Open Green Map?

In English:

Take Part: Open Green Map: charter the green in your community

EcoGeek: Open Green Map: Social Mapping for Green Living

Spatial Sustain: Open Green Map on the Way

EcoSpace: Social Mapping for Sustainable Community Development

In Italian:

EcoBlog: Green Map: scopri e segnala le iniziative eco

Buon e Notizie: Mappe verdi per cercare le destinazioni più sostenibili

YesLife: Mappe verdi per destinazioni sostenibili

About the Green Maps and their makers...

Delta Airline Magazine: How Swede it is

Jakarta Post: Hundreds of Bogor students Bike to school

Traveling the Green Way: The Green Map System Makes Green Travel Easier