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Highlands Community Green Map

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Our wilderness, arts, culture and sense of community... they're all breathtaking!
About this Map

This map is a culmination of 18 months of community engagement between a group of volunteer mappers and the larger Highlands community. The process has involved children and elders; First Nations peoples, descendants of pioneers, and new residents; artists, ecologists and historians. In the creation of this map, dozens of residents and visitors were consulted during the summers of 2007 and 2008.
The goal of this process has been “to discuss and then share through a map some of the best places in our backyard, and to explore visions of the future for a sustainable Highlands.”
A map cannot tell every story, and we tried not to replicate the excellent trails maps and topographic maps produced by our governments. We collected dozens of suggestions for sites to place on the map and mapped many. We focused on sites that were deemed to be of special interest to visitors and residents, and which encouraged the sustainable use of our forests, wetlands, meadows and waters.
Maps are stories, maps are powerful, maps are living documents. We have tried to honour the many people who live in, use or have traditionally used this place of natural beauty. Welcome! Enjoy! Respect this place and its peoples!

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