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One Planet Living begins at home. This is a map of how we can do it in Llandrindod
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This map began in November 2008, and is being built by the Trawsnewid Llandrindod Transition group.
The map is going to be a record of our local Green Audit, showing the fabulous potential we have here for combating climate change and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. It will show the challenges too, no doubt.
Our transition town Green Map group got started in the Spring of 2009, and has been meeting monthly in our favourite haunt, the Herb garden Cafe with our wifi laptops - you can see the notes etc in our online forum. We have started with Open Green Map, but when we have finished mapping the results of our first audit of the town, we intend to produce a fancy paper map to accompany our Transition Town launch in the spring of 2010.
Meanwhile....(autumn 2009)... we have a new local food group launched and we hope to have a Llandoddie Food map soon - all sorts of uses - assssing the potential for growing food in town, auditing the food miles required at present to feed Llandrindod , recording and encouraging local food growers and outlets, wild forage sites, farms and small holdings....
Coming next...
after the Green Audit, and the Launch... the Energy Descent Action Plan. (Watch this space)
to find out more....
....about us, please visit our website
and come to our meetings at The Herb Garden if you live here and would like to join in.
to find out more....
....about Transition Towns (and villages, cities, islands) the whys and the hows, visit

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