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The City of Cape Town Green Map

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This map will be widely distributed throughout Cape Town. Maps can be collected at the following points; Cape Town Tourism Information centers, City Nature Reserves and libraries.

This map is provided free of charge
Use the Cape Town Green Map to make greener lifestyle choices and experience the Mother City’s wealth of sustainable resources
About this Map

The City of Cape Town Green Map is a service to visitors and residents of Cape Town alike. The map will introduce sustainable living options, green products and services as well as showcase the City's unique biodiversity.

The Green Map Project was initiated as a project in the Host City Cape Town’s Green Goal 2010 Action Plan, the environmental programme for the 2010 Soccer world Cup.

The Green Map is a 2010 World Cup legacy project and will endure post 2010 as an invaluable source of information for visitors, residents and the commercial sector alike.

The primary objective of the Green Map is to inform Capetonians and visitors to the City of Cape Town of opportunities to experience and support Cape Town’s wealth of natural resources and sustainable “green” living options.

The Green Map will promote a fresh view of the city's environment and aims to remind residents and visitors to enjoy the natural environment near to their places of residence. It will showcase ways and means to live, work and play in a manner that reduces their impact on the fragile ecosystems within the City.

The Cape Town Green Map will showcase “hot spots” and locations of green areas and ecologically sensitive businesses and activities in and around Cape Town. It will showcase sustainable “green” projects, biodiversity hotspots, eco-tourism sites, biological production sites and agriculture as well as eco-friendly transport and sustainable technologies, industries and products.

The map will aim to promote responsible tourism as well as creating an incentive to the City’s commercial sector to become more environmentally aware and adopt “green” and/or sustainable practices and operating procedures. The aim is to include the map in the 2010 Cape Town visitors guide as well as the 2010 event guide.

The Cape Town Green Map will reflect the beauty and the aesthetics of the City of Cape Town and will see the City join over 350 Green Map cities in 50 countries on the website. One of the goals of the project is to produce the most informative and visually pleasing Green Map to date!

The City of Cape Town’s Green Map will be presented in an online interactive version, accessible to the general public and visitors alike, at . A printed green map will also be produced later in the year. The printed Green Map will show case a selection of “Green” sites.

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