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Český Krumlov Green Map

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Explore rich culture that is often hidden under the physical beauty of the historical town of Cesky Krumlov!
About this Map

Cesky Krumlov is a beautiful medieval town, located in Southern Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. In November 2008, the town was selected as one of the best authentic historic destinations, coming 16th in ranking, in the 5th annual destination-stewardship survey conducted by the National Geographic Traveler magazine (

With 300 protected historical buildings date back from the 13th century, its historical centre of 51.91 hector is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Cesky Krumlov is also well-known for its cultural, art and music events that are held throughout the year, especially in summer.

Its popularity among tourists has brought problems such as crowding and increases in prices. As a result, local people seem to have shifted away to surrounding suburbs.

I believe that the beauty of Cesky Krumlov lies in its long history and rich cultures of its local residents. The presence of local communities and their activities are important components in the evolution of cultures and traditions, which add new histories to the town.

Creating of a Green Map of Cesky Krumlov is about rediscovering of charms, assets and strengths of the local community, which are often hidden under the “museum-like” beauty of the historical centre. I am hoping that the map will bring in more people to Cesky Krumlov for it to become a dynamic and sustainable cultural centre that is enjoyed by both local residents and visitors.

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Český Krumlov, Jihočeský kraj - South Bohemian Region - Czech Republic - Europe
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