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NYC's Chinatown Green Map - Mapa Verde del Barrio Chino de NY

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An Urban Ecotourism Guide - Guía para el Ecoturismo Urbano
About this Map

This Green Mapmaking process was part of Green Map staff member Carlos Martinez's university thesis research project: Urban ecotourism proposal towards the revitalization of public spaces by means of usage, valuation and conservation. Case of study: New York's Chinatown. Carlos also wrote this profile.

This research's study area was defined by concentration of Asian residents over 50% (based on U.S. Census 2000) and the location of nearby garment manufacturing shops. While the area surrounding the garment shops does not have a very high population of Asian residents, this area is an economic and sociocultural cornerstone of Chinatown. After these boundaries were defined the author in his role as an external agent or observer adopts as analytic and diagnosis method the historic-hermeneutic approach in its ethnographic version.

In a special way this research materialized a video-documentary and this Green Map, creative and participative education tools of environmental empowerment. Other supporting Green Maps were created for this research. You will find them in the thesis paper (available upon request). Both Spanish and English introductions to the project can be found in's Our NYC Maps section.

Some of the aspects addressed in this Green Map project were: mobility (bike lanes, pedestrian zones, bike racks, bridges, plazas, mass transit stations), tourist info (kiosks, museums, etc.), special places (parks, community gardens, public art, churches) and many more with special consideration on public spaces.

Community Outcomes

An academic thesis with valuable information and initiatives on Urban Ecotourism on the neighborhood scale.

With the experience Carlos gained making this map, he was able to develop workshops and an outreach method that has resulted in Green Map projects taking root in many areas of his hometown community in the traditional coffee growing region in Colombia. In NYC, a group of Pace University students have found this map very helpful to their own charting of Chinatown, too.

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