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The Singapore Green Map is a comprehensive resource that will help you discover the greener side of Singapore.
About this Map

Initiated by the Singapore Environment Council and the Green Volunteers Network, “Project Green Map” was first launched in June 2000 as an attempt to bring together all of Singapore’s eco-resources into a single publication.

Singapore is a small island city nation of 4.5 million blessed with abundant rain and sun and thus bountiful nature. We have a developed economy but still manage to preserve a good portion of land as nature reserves, parks and greenery. There are large numbers of terrestrial and aquatic species.

With the Green Map we wanted to raise public awareness about the abundant nature we still had and to overturn the view that Singapore is a concrete city with nothing green left to save.

Community Outcomes

The effect of the Singapore Green Map is probably more indirect than we imagine. Instead of directly creating a class of green minded citizens the Singapore Green map probably helped to convince some people that conservation is indeed a worthy weekend activity. By getting people to go outdoors to appreciate nature and exposing them to the natural resources we have, fewer people dismiss the environment as something invisible.

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