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Cape Town's logo & website

Our logo is designed, selected and finalised (after much debate), and the team begins work on the website and blog. At the same time, work begins on adding sites to the online map, as yet not viewable by Capetonians and other general public but accessible by mapmakers around the world.

Initial content is written for the website and the first blog or two are on standby for 'go live'! Finding iconic pictures to represent Cape Town for the website header pictures has presented something of a challenge. One which the team feels more than capable of meeting!

The team begins talks with initial interested sponsors. They appear very enthusiastic about the project. The team is busy putting together a proposal for sponsors that includes prospective press offices (press releases about events, products and ventures) and advertising potential (web buttons/banners) on (not yet live).

The website design is agreed on and has gone to the developer. Once the site is developed, using Drupal, the team will get the content up and the site will go live with the initial blog structure to create awareness and give sponsors a place to view Cape Town Green Map.