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Green Apple Map (original 1992 editions)

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Discover NYC's environmental progress and the challenges that face the community. Experience our city in a whole new way!
About this Map

Created in just six weeks, the very first Green Map was created for visitors coming to the United Nations to work on the Earth Summit's Agenda 21 in the spring, prior to the big event in Rio de Janeiro. It included 143 sites where signs of progress toward sustainability could be experienced in person, citywide. It was conceived by Wendy Brawer, who worked closely with Hal Drellich, Bill DiPaolo and many members of NYC's emerging eco-design community to publish 10,000 copies of the Green Apple Map. The first Green Appple Design Tour took place alonside its launch, and a second map was created for this one-day event.

Wendy's company, Modern World Design, received great feedback and many suggestions for the next edition. She and Hal worked throughout the fall, and in December 1992, the second Green Apple Map was published, again in an edition of 10,000 copies. This map featured a more extensive list of eco-resources in NYC, aimed at both visitors experiencing the city for the first time, and long time residents who re-discover the city from a fresh perspective. The map includes snippets of relevant historical and statistical information about the city, and used eye-catching graphic icons to signify the different kinds of sites.

Because of the many excited queries about making a map like this we received from people around the world, we feel this is the map that inspired the initiation of the global Green Map System in 1995. Much more about the history of Green Map System is in the About section of this website, and in the Maps section, find out about subsequent editions of the Green Apple Map.

Community Outcomes

There was a spurt of greening activities all over the city, and our map helped people connect with the sites and exchange ideas about doing more for NYC's environment. Because we included toxic spots, the map helped draw attention to sites and to organizations responding to environmental justice issues. Things started changing for the better. Our map was seen on walls in schools, offices and homes, all over the city!

Although it took another 5 years to publish the next edition in NYC, these maps spurred the development of Green Map System's global movement and the Green Map Icons and adaptable mapmaking framework, leading to the creation of hundreds of Green Map projects, all over the world.

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The concept of green map is

The concept of green map is simply amazing. Now a day’s many organizations are doing many things to raise awareness among the people about environment .but green map has chosen a unique way for raising awareness among people. In this environmentally themed map, universal symbols are used for locating community's natural, cultural and sustainable resources – even the recycle bins and the routes for running environmental friendly by-cycles!

I just downloaded the pdf file – the green apple map is also a nice creation. Although the picture quality is not good, but there are some important locations with detail information are located in the map. But a question just popped up in my mind. Why the name of this map is “apple green map?”