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Open Green Map Launch! June 5 Celebration!

OGM launch

Green Maps highlight local natural, cultural and green living sites to promote personal and community well-being. Transforming local information into global interaction, the new Open Green Map social mapping platform spurs healthy participation as it shares diverse public viewpoints. Preview this new resource here!

Updated: view the Launch Report here!

Open Green Map's global launch celebration will take place on Friday, June 5, 2009 - World Environment Day! On the same day, special events are being planned all over the world: Cape Town, Geneva, Jakarta, Stockholm, Baltimore, Pereira Colombia, the UK towns of Swansea, Clackmannanshire, Neath Port Talbot and other places!

Get involved and support this effort! Download a press release or slideshow and watch the video below. Help spread the word. Participate by Twitter, too. Follow us at @greenmap. Include the word 'greenmap' in your tweet too!

Launch Events!

In New York City, where our global headquarters is located, join Green Map System in celebrating on Friday evening June 5! Our local event will take place from 6-8:30PM at the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center, 53 Washington Square South in Manhattan. Our thanks to NYU's Sustainability Task Force, Bobst Library and Environmental Studies Program for supporting this event. We're hoping that everyone who comes will bring a green site, comment or image to add to the map! RSVP (optional):

In the US, Map Global, Celebrate Local! Join Baltimore Green Map at Rawlings Conservatory in Druid Hill Park from 5:30 to 8:30. The Friends of Druid Hill Park are the co-hosts for this event which will include music, food, Jones Falls and Towson map displays, and, of course, opportunities to add sites to Baltimore's Open Green Map! Email: rsvp [@] baltogreenmap[.]org

The Mapa Verde project in Pereira, Colombia is also celebrating the global launch! Fundación Geovida in partnership with "Espacio y Ciudad" will encourage more citizen participation and involvement using this long waited interactive mapping tool. Former Mayor and famed planner Enrique Peñalosa recently met with local leaders promoting a civic collective for livable urban environments. He can't wait to see the resulting Green Maps, specifically related to cycling and public spaces, and promised commitment and support for this local initiative.

Cape Town, South Africa is celebrating the launch of Open Green Map and the Cape Town Green Map website launch - at the same time! ! Pre-register here here for a Green Media Pass which can be used on 5th of June.

Members of the Indonesian Green Map network including Marco Kusumawijaya and Elanto Wijoyono will join with Bob Zuber of Green Map System from New York in convening workshops for teachers and other interested persons in Jakarta as part of Global Youth Service Day, June 6. Two days later, the same team will lead a workshop at the world-famous temple of Borobudur outside Yogyakarta, all a fitting contribution to the Open Green Map launch celebration. Find out more at

In Sweden, come to the Stockholm Open Green Map Releasefest! In collaboration with the art gallery Candyland and art collective HAP, the event will start with a bike carnival and visit different interesting sites of the map, ending up at HAP for food, drinks and music! Details:

Also in Sweden, Blekinge GreenMap team celebrates World Environment Day at the Music festival in Hoglands Park with music, speeches, organic products and exhibitions. The GreenMap team will be happy to answer your questions. Details:

In Grand Saconnex, just outside Geneva Switzerland, an exhibition of Green Maps from Buddhist countries is featured at the Geneva Conference Center of Buddhism, part of the citywide sustainability festival. Find details here about the opening and the debate on spirituality and environment that take place on June 5.

In the UK, Swansea Wales is celebrating the global launch of the Open Green Map while launching their latest local Community Green Map! This will take place at the same time as the launch of the Hard Rain and Vital Signs Exhibitions, two inspiring photography displays about sustainable solutions! Details to come.

The Open Green Map Launch will take place in Clackmannanshire, Scotland! In partnership with the Ochils Landscape and the BBC Breathing Places Year of Action, Clackmannanshire Green Map initiative is taking part in a number of walks, Green Mapping and BBC's "Do One Thing for Nature" activities. Details: or download here.

In Scotland, there's also the Falkirk Communities Along the Carron Green Map Launch! Join the mapping team, getting acquainted with Open Green Map and reviewing the results of the community survey that will inform this map. Details: from 10 am to 1 pm at Falkirk Council Community Planning Partnership "Map Room 5" in Falkirk Stadium.

Open Green Map: What's Green Nearby? - Join our global launch from Green Map System on Vimeo.

Celebrating sustainability and social resources without barriers, Open Green Maps are always available, easily updated, expanded and explored in online, mobile and custom formats. Enrich today's world and envision a verdant, hopeful future with the Open Green Map platform!

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Open Green Map celebration in Yogyakarta - Indonesia

on Thursday (June 11) or Friday (June 12) in Yogyakarta! Bob Zuber will be here for the workshop.


Elanto Wijoyono

Open Green Map launch

Hi everyone!

We're in the middle of planning the Stockholm Open Green Map launch and are interested in having a kind of live
skype session, maybe just through projecting another party on to one of the walls at our party and vice versa, and are wondering if someone would be interested in doing so? Could just be that you put up a web cam in a corner at your party.

We're thinking it's good if we are in the same time zone and our party will be from around 8pm until late. So anywhere in Europe, Africa, is the Cape Town map team having a release event?

Looking forward hearing from you :-)


We are celebrating the Mapa Verde Abierto!

We are just starting to use the Open Green Map and we are excited about how it makes our interactions so much easier and immediate, breaking technological and economical barriers. With the newly translated platform, the OGM is becoming more accessible to many residents and visitors of our community.

We are partnering with Espacio y Ciudad, a concerned citizens collective. We will be using Green Map System's resources, including the Open Green Map to identify livable public spaces so that community members who love the city can take better care of these natural and built places. Our local experiences have recently catch the attention of Enrique Peñalosa, former mayor of Bogota, who is visiting this week to learn more about our civic and engagement movement.

More information at

More information at

The best thing that I have

The best thing that I have always liked about Green Maps is they always focus on normal, indigenous, and green websites for the benefit of personal as well as community well-being. They always do their best in letting in the high availability of local information be there at the front doors of the people and I guess this service and support is just what we have witnessed on June 5th. I think since then, they have been refining significantly on their maps!

Cape Town Green Map !!

Cape Town Green Map is just one of a global group of green map celebrations being held today, 5 June 2009, World Environment Day.

On the same day there are special events planned for New York City, Baltimore, Geneva, Jakarta, Stockholm, Baltimore, Pereira, Colombia, Swansea (UK), Clackmannanshire (Scotland) Neath Port Talbot and other cities.

Open Green Map is a social mapping platform used by green maps around the world to highlight local natural, cultural and green living sites. In this way local information is transformed into a global interaction. The aim of these green maps is to celebrate sustainability and social resources. They are an incredible resource that is constantly available, easily updated, expanded and explored in online, mobile and custom formats.

Cape Town Green Map uses this platform together with its icons and criteria for using the icons to interactively share green sites such as nature reserves, sustainable living projects, organic shops and box delivery schemes, farmers' markets, recycling drop-offs, green accommodation, eco products and services and more.

There are a series of map makers already hard at work adding green sites, and anyone can suggest a site or apply to be a mapmaker.

Explore Open Green Map's work in progress – there are now collectively over 4 000 green living sites!

Find out more about the mapping platform, the icons and criteria to use the icons.

the world

Highlight local natural, cultural and green living sites. In this way local information is transformed into a global interaction. The aim of these green maps is to celebrate sustainability and social resources. They are an incredible resource !

nice post

A nice post indeed! enjoyed reading, keep posting more good green stuff.