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Greater Banjul - The Gambia Green Map

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Greater Banjul - The Gambia Green Map
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In February 2009, three International Development Master Students from Saint Mary’s University and Dr. Cathy Conrad headed to The Gambia for a week long field trip. While there, the team conducted a couple of green mapping workshops with local Gambians and highlighted some places of environmental importance in their country. The field trip was as a result of a video competition that the students won.
The first Green Mapping workshop was held at St. Therese’s Junior Secondary with about 30 students between the ages of 10 – 15 years old. Dr. Conrad and the Saint Mary’s students first introduced the group to the concept of community mapping. Then students were then asked to highlight places of environmental importance and potential concern. They were also encouraged to map places of cultural and historical significance to them.
In addition to the Green Mapping workshop with St. Therese’s, the team also conducted a Green Mapping workshop with the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) Youth Fan Club. There was a great turn out for the workshop with 59 people ranging in age from 16 – 50 years old. Being the first ever Green Mapping initiative in The Gambia, the Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council, Lord Mayor Yankuba Colley, was on hand as well as a number of local media. The participants were encouraged to highlight places of environmental importance in their municipal constituency and also places that posed environmental challenges which required attention. The group also identified places of cultural and historical importance within the Kanifing Municipality.

All of the information gathered from the workshop was then compiled onto one map. A draft copy of the Green Map was then created using ArcMap, a GIS software, in which all symbols are spatially referenced within layers. The compiled GIS map will then reviewed by the team in The Gambia and revisions will be made.

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