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Launching New Internship Program, Summer 2009

In the field during the first intern training session, June 10-11, 2009

Green Map System has initiated a Summer 2009 Semi-Virtual Student Internship Program involving high school and university students. The program includes training in the Green Map office, mentoring and interaction with Andrew Fenster, our Education Trainee, concluding with a presentation/exchange in mid-August. Follow the action at

The goal of the program is for students to create themed Green Maps of their home neighborhoods, with a specific focus of their choice, such as green businesses, climate change, potential open spaces for green development, spiritual centers, etc.

Each student-created Green Map will be targeted towards a specific audience, such as students, policy makers, senior citizens, tourists, etc. Additionally, each student will create a digital and/or print map, an interactive map on the Open Green Map, and contribute to our multimedia resources, all while developing eco-literacy, communication, and civic participation skills.

For more information on this new internship program and how to get involved, please go to or email intern[at]greenmap[dot]org.

Special thanks to Con Edison for supporting this program.

Good News! 2010's NYC internship program is also being supported by Con Edison! Find out more here.

UPDATE: Explore some of the Open Green Maps created by these students online!

Red Hook Brooklyn

Northeast Permaculture & Urban Eco Agriculture

Syracuse University Area

Utica NY

Interns Chart Green Ways of Living in Their Home Communities!!!!

The 2009 GMS Summer Youth Mapmaking Internship Program has gotten off to a great start.

Check out what some of our interns have been doing!

Diana: she is currently attending Diabetes Prevention Workshops and is creating a Green Map of Harlem to help low-income people live healthier lifestyles, especially when it comes to food choices.

Morgan: is creating a Green Map of Syracuse for an audience of mostly low-income college students or families in the community, She is highlighting places that won't brake the bank, but will give people a healthier, more sustainable choice to their everyday purchases or activities.

Camille: is creating a Green Map of Utica, NY that focuses on Green Events in the area. She has also been interviewing youth in her area to find out what is most important to them, so that she can chart a "green" way of going about daily life for young people.

David: is currently creating a Green Map of green businesses and green spaces, especially trails for recreation, in his hometown of Millburn/Short Hills, NJ. He has also been surveying local businesses to network and establish relationships with the green sites he will be including on his map.

Please stay tuned at our

for further updates and to offer feedback, advice, or comments!

Is the Semi-Virtual Student

Is the Semi-Virtual Student Internship Program program especially for your country's students or foreign students can also apply? This is a great program that will focus the green businesses, climate change, potential open spaces for green development, spiritual centers, etc.

Local or Global?

Our aim is to involve students in the NYC region this year, but we may be able to develop a version for next summer that uses web conferencing to bring people together for training and exchange.