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Ulaanbaatar Green Map - Mongolia, Green Rockers team

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Ulaanbaatar Green Map - Mongolia (Green Rockers team)
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First time, we learned what Green Map is and how to make Green Map was through CIDA’s Public Engagement project at Saint Mary University, in winter 2008. Green Map is already used in global scale but it is new in Mongolia. Therefore, we decided to organize a Green Mapping workshop to the students at Secondary and High school in Ulaanbaatar, to students of the Construction College in Ulaanbaatar, students in MUST, NUM and AUM in Ulaanbaatar city. The purpose of the workshop was that to introduce the Green Map concept; to make the first green map in Ulaanbaatar city titled as “Ulaanbaatar Green map”; to use any green map in every corner of the world.

The Green Map workshop was divided into three sections. Firstly was a Pre Workshop which was basically an introduction to what green mapping is all about i.e. what is Green Map, how to use green maps, and how to do mapping. This presentation was delivered to geological students from Mongolia University of Science and Technology (MUST), geological students from Department of Geology in National University of Mongolia (NUM), Ecological students from the Agricultural University of Mongolia (AUM) and also to High school and Secondary school students.
After the presentation, students were asked to give their vote if they would like to join future activity that will be organized under this workshop. In total there were approximately 30 students from MUST and NUM who voted to continue on with the other activities. The second section involved the mapping activity. A one day field trip was organized. The group of 30 students was divided into small teams of 10 students each with a staff leader from MUST. Each team came up with a team name. The teams names were; GreenApple, GreenTank and GreenRockers. Prior to this, areas to be green mapped were picked and on the day of the field trip each team was given a base map. With the base maps, the teams were to tour the respective area and document/collect any information that they think would help them in producing their green maps. After the tour, all the teams gathered together and discussed their findings.

The final workshop was the actual mapping day. All teams were given two weeks to prepare their maps using different modes of hardware and were to present their final maps to the rest of the group on final leg of the workshop. All teams were awarded certificates for their participation in the workshop and in developing the green maps.

The workshop turned out to be a great success. Due to the great response and interest from the students we would like to make it an annual thing and hopefully get high school students to participate and hopefully we will get to produce another Ulaanbaatar Green Map that covers a much wider area.

By: Demberelsuren Batbold (PHD Candidate at Mongolia University of Science and Technology (MUST).

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