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Index Awards – In Copenhagen and Beyond

Since our interactive mapping website, the Open Green Map, is a finalist for the Index Awards, I’m traveling to Copenhagen, where the winners of this Danish prize will be announced on August 28. You can affect the outcomes right now - vote for us in the People's Choice Award! Click today! It's fast and you could win a prize too.

My journey starts in Helsinki Finland, where I will be meeting with our 2008 trainee, Miikka Lammela, who is helping to develop our mobile Open Green Map application for the iPhone – we are also creating a mobile website that will work with any internet enabled ‘smartphone’. Development is going well, and we’ll soon be posting news on the beta launch of this great resource for travelers as well as residents. Special thanks to Miikka, our board members and great developers Thomas Turnbull and Stan Wiechers, designers Akiko Rokube and Te Baybute, and to Openflows Community Technology Lab.

I’ll also be the presenter for Green Drinks Helsinki on August 20, and meet with various folks, thanks to 02 Finland’s Cindy Kohtala, here is a link to the location.

Stockholm Sweden is next, where Green Mapmakers Therese Kristiansson, Max Goldstein and Anna Krusic will provide hospitality and some sustainable sightseeing by bike!

A Climate Green Map of Malmo Sweden is underway, and I will be meeting with Tor Fossum and Linnea Uppsall there. Malmo has an amazing record of leadership in the sustainability arena, and I’m sure the City’s new Green Map will be exemplary. It is timed in parallel with the United Nations climate change conference, COP 15, in December in Copenhagen (located just across the bridge). A gathering of south Swedish Green Mapmakers, past and present, will take place in Malmo, and we’ll get to see some of the standout sites in person.

In Copenhagen, we’ll meet with Jens Hvass and the new Green Mapmakers at Miljøpunkt Indre By-Christianshavn, who are planning a great project that will start in one neighborhood and grow. Many friends will be in the city for Copenhagen Design Week as well as Index’s exhibit and parties. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people too. Copenhagen a special place – 14 years ago, Green Map System got its start there as a global program during the UN’s Social Summit. Will we plan to return for December’s events with our regional partners? Time will tell.

After a quick stop at a technology conference, I will arrive in Berlin Germany. There the 4 Bhive – Bristol UK, Berlin, Budapest and Bistrita (Romania) Green Map projects will be meeting to get started on their freshly funded projects. Here is a link to their blog about this lifelong learning program funded by the Europe Commission. We are all so pleased about this partnership!

Images and more to come... best wishes, Wendy Brawer

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