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Cape Town Green Map reaches 167 sites


Cape Town Green Map currently has 167 sites listed and is growing steadily. The project team decided that it was neccessary to inform the residents of Cape Town about the project and the availability of free listings on the Cape Town Green Map. Adverts were placed in several local papers with City wide distribution!
We are about to embark on the production of the printed Green Map for Cape Town, which promises to be an exciting process! We are also producing some marketing media for inclusion in several media packs that will be used leading up to the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup.

We have also received extensive media coverage! The most notable being TV coverage on CNBC Africa, who aired two different clips on the Cape Town Green Map!
The CNCB Africa interview

Cape Town Green Map reaches

Cape Town Green Map reaches 167 sites - Very good news.

Letter box

I'm keeping a good eye on my letter box for that Cape Town Green Map. I love the initiative. SA has some catching up to do when it comes to 'green'.