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Green Maps and Climate Awareness

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Changing the Climate for Social Change

This is the season of climate awareness as the United Nations convenes on this critical issue. Today marks the start of Climate Week in our hometown, New York City. Around the world, people of all backgrounds are stepping up their 'habit change' to reduce the speed of climate change. What does this mean to Green Map System and our global network?

First of all, we're reaching and motivating more cities and regions than ever – today, there are 600 locally-led Green Map projects in 55 countries! We're growing faster and working harder than ever to connect and promote local green living resources worldwide in a high impact way.

With a variety of tools and resources, we're making it easier to engage and involve people on an everyday basis.

A great example is the Open Green Map. This social mapping platform now features 90 maps and nearly 6,000 sites to explore, comment on and compare. Want to know more about how you can use this always available, interactive map to foster sustainable, climate-smart living in your community? Click the Share & Promote page for details, videos, event resources and more.

We're continuing to make our energy-themed Powerful Green Map of New York City available from our carbon-neutral server or our wind-powered office. Explore the sites interactively at (click Info on the right, then Download Map for the PDF). See something new that belongs on the map? Open Green Map invites site suggestions, your comments, images and impact assessments.

This map is part of an exhibit, How Climate Risks might Change the Map of New York, with a panel discussion on September 23. It's also the basis for a great way to involve the teens in your community - our Energy & Environment Exploration Modules (download free, with educators' guide) available in New York City or global editions.

Explore our website for a wide variety of locally-created Green Maps that chart climate-healthy resources. A great example is the climate-themed Green Map being created in Sweden, just across the bridge from Copenhagen, where the United Nations conference will take place in December. The City of Malmo's Climate Open Green Map features stellar green buildings and energy generation. Also see how China's Mangrove Conservation Green Maps address climate adaptation and pollution prevention while protecting habitats – download the 4 page article recently published in Xiamen News. Although Green Maps come in all languages, they all use the same iconography so you can easily find the climate-relevant sites that most interest you. Preview our presentations in Copenhagen at

Every time we save energy, we reduce climate impacts.

This extends to the food we eat (go local, go veg!), the way we get around town (two wheels, two feet, mass transit), how we consume energy (select green power, conserve), how we take to the air (fly coach, fly direct, offset carbon impacts), the way we discard unwanted materials (compost, re-use, recycle), how we support the causes we care about (donate to Green Map online and save paper!) and so much more.

Take action for climate health this week – and indeed, make everyday a greener, healthier step forward for you, your community and your planet. Find more ways to take part in climate action at sites such as and of course, on the Green Map!