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Arboretum Green Map

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Youth Green Map in a natural area
About this Map

This Green Map has been done in two steps (on two years) with students from 3 classes of one college near Geneva. This Natural area is a high point of natural interest since it presents trees from all around the world or nearly. It is situated above the city of Aubonne, near Lausanne in a rural space.
During one day, in June 2007, the students by groups have to locate not all trees but the different areas and their specificity. At the end of the visit, they planted a tree to finalise their project with a symbolic sign.

The second year (in June 2008), 3 other classes from the same college have checked the map made before and have updated it. They have also visited the wood museum and learnt about the story and the existence of different kind of jobs related to wood. Then, as the year before, they planted a tree in the area.

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