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Salt Lake County, Utah overview Google Earth

Salt Lake County, Utah_GoogleEarth 100604.jpg
Salt Lake County's Dancing Green Map
About this Map

Repertory Dance Theatre is launching an arts-'place' discovery fusion, empowering the community of Salt Lake County (population >1.2 million, encompassing 800 sq.mi. and 16 cities, including the state capital, Salt Lake City) to 'see' and to celebrate its place through performing, visual, literary and other arts, bringing to life the Green Map icons.

Over the next two years, RDT will enlist public, charter and private schools, as well as institutions of higher learning and community groups to explore neighborhoods, cities, ecosystems, urban farms, centers of government, places of religious and cultural significance, and the many historical markers that make up the worldview of Salt Lake County's diverse peoples. Together, we will produce not only Green Maps at all scales through the Open Green Map, but also community performances and celebratory events to enliven and imprint in community participants the importance of places large and small, environments healthy and challenged, natural creatures secure and threatened, and people of every persuasion and socioeconomic level. Together, we will discover the attributes that make our great valley so rich in quality of life, and the trends that may change that quality over future decades if sound choices are not made in our day-to-day lives. We are resolved that this Green Map of Salt Lake County will be both mirror and compass as we enter deeply into the 21st Century.

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