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Travels with Green Mapmakers in Japan

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Right now, in October 2010, I am getting ready to fly to Kitakyushu Japan, the hometown of Misako Yomosa, Coordinator of Green Map Japan. As director of Green Map System, I'm really looking forward to this trip with many colleagues and presentations - find the first blog with images from this trip here.

Here's the plan:

Kitakyushu - Saturday 10/16 Together with local sustainability advocate Seki-san and EDS members, we will be taking part in Kitakyushu's Eco Style Town 2010. A morning workshop for future Green Mapmakers is followed by an interview onstage at 3:30.

Kitakyushu - Monday 10/18 Workshop in Yamada Park. At 6PM, welcome party at Higashida Eco Club

Kitakyushu - Tuesday 10/19 Workshop at the Eco Museum

Kyoto - Wednesday 10/20 Evening Lecture at Kyouto Hatopia with Narumi Fukuda and Yomosa-san

Nagoya - Friday 10/22 - CBC Radio and meetings hosted by Aichi Green Map with Japanese and Indonesian Green Mapmakers. The PDF linked to the bottom of this page has details about events in Nagoya.

Nagoya - Saturday 10/23 - United Nations Conference on Biodiversity (Cop 10) - Cities and Biodiversity: Achieving the 2010 Biodiversity Target - presentation at the Forum with Japanese and Indonesian Green Mapmakers

Nagoya - Sunday 10/24 - Visit to the Cop 10 Secretariat

Tokyo - Monday 10/25 - Meeting with Tokyo Green Mapmakers and eco-design colleagues at open house.

I'll be back in New York on Tuesday 10/26, just a few minutes before I leave Tokyo (thanks to the time change!).

Special thanks to Keiko Nakagawa, Misako Yomosa, Rie Nakamura, Seki-san, Marco Kusumawijaya and Masahiro Horiuchi for organizing so many events, meetings and tours along the way - YOROSHIKU!

Great Adventure!! I enjoyed meeting great people and seeing so many exciting places during my time there. We are organizing photos and map PDFs, and I will add here soon.

Nagoya COP10 Green Map Events PDF439.14 KB