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Cape Town Green Maps make it to New York!

Cape Town Green Map

We were very happy that our parcel made it to the Green Map office in New York and hope that as many map makers as possible can get a copy of our map.

"so happy to find such a nice big box of your cool maps and great materials on the environment and sustainability programs there, Arne and Philip! wonderful - we have already send copies down to Uraguay and today, Puerto Rico. I also left the copies I had in Japan - inspriing for people there! much appreciated, Wendy"

You can also download an electronic copy:Here

Great Green Map!

Funny to see my email message in this blog post, typos and all! Well, thanks for sharing, as they say...

We do hope everyone knows they can download an easy to print version of this exemplary Green Map here - we so appreciate that this team has made it easy for people to not only print their own copy at home, but also contribute to the map by using the Open Green Map platform.

Having explored the continually updated Cape Town Green Map website, their interactive and printed Green Maps and the guides and other sustainability resources I mention above, I hope that the city is chosen to host COP17 - the United Nations Climate Conference in 2012. And of course, that by then, every community and country is making significant progress on greenhouse gas reduction.