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The Green Map Archives Are On The Move

Hello again readers!

This is Green Map intern Joseph Pangilinan and I’d like to give you an update in regards to our progress in compiling Green Map’s archives. Since I last posted a blog, we have added 76 maps and 63 materials, totaling 418 maps and 198 materials. These materials offer a great range of purpose from academic (theses, books and booklets evaluating Green Map and its global effect) to community outreach and education (Green Maps and learning materials aimed at children) to recognition (magazine and newspaper articles lauding Green Map for increasing the public’s consciousness on sustainable living). Preparing these materials for public viewing not only supplements the information provided directly by the Green Map, it also gives the viewer a new perspective into the workings and influence of these projects, possibly inspiring new communities to get involved.

Sifting through these materials, I found hundreds of letters from people all over the world thanking Green Map for its correspondence and guidance. These letters provided great insight into the impact this movement has had on communities all over the world since the first Green Apple Map was published in 1992. Green Map has given environmentally conscious citizens not only an avenue to be involved but a way of spreading sustainability awareness to their respective communities as well.

We also had a graduate student from University of Michigan’s School of Information, Kayla Ondracek, come in and help us in organizing our archives. She was a great help, providing an archivist’s insight into the creation of the collection and was instrumental in our research with various libraries all over the country this week. She also constructed a wordle, a collage of the data as well as the concepts that can be found in the archive that can be described as succinctly informative while being aesthetically pleasing. Thanks Kayla!

Special thanks to Andy Rutkowski, the New York University Bobst Librarian who has helped Green Map organize these materials with the help of an NYU Green Grant, as well as provide related resources to diverse educators and students at NYU. He's pictured above, along with another guest student intern from Michigan, Amanda Moyer of Finlandia U (on the right), then Wendy, Jinhwa, Andy, Kayla and myself.

Still to come - inventory review!

Over the week, we also compiled a few photographs and videos promoting Green Map and the archive. It does a great job of summarizing what we do and what we stand for and it was fun to make, and I think it shows. Please feel free to let us know what you think!

Until next time,
Joseph Pangilinan


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