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Powerful Green Map of NYC

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If you would like copies by mail, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Green Map, PO Box 249, New York, NY 10002-0249 USA. Postage: 1 map for 69 cents, 2 for 83 cents. Or, order 2 copies for $5 including postage through our online Store with your credit card, and help support our work in NYC. You can also obtain a poster version though our Store

Free. Green Map Store: $5-US dollars (includes shipping, handling and support).
Charting the Energy in New York's Environment
About this Map

Dreamed up during the summer Blackout of 2003, this Green Map was created to promote energy awareness and action in New York. It took us 2.5 years to complete it as we continually found more resources to put on the map. Published in February 2006, it encompasses three citywide views showing the impacts of our current energy choices, everyday and easy things you can do to conserve energy, and smart energy investments.

This map is designed for general audiences, who can find all kinds of useful information that will save money and resources at the same time. We have included a glossary of terms and images collected around town, celebrity quotes and online, there are resources written for Spanish and Chinese-speaking New Yorkers. At our website, you can also download an interactive PDF, a print quality version, and more.

We printed 100,000 free copies on recycled paper and expect to complete distribution in spring 2008. Copies can be picked up at Greenmarkets, libraries, conferences, community centers and at eco-events citywide and we continually fulfill requests for bulk copies every week. In summer-fall 2007, we'll be releasing curriculum tools for middle and high school students based on the Powerful Green Map.

Community Outcomes

We feel the map has made a timely contribution to the sustainability of NYC, arriving just as climate change awareness 'arrived' in NYC, based on the number of requests for copies.

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