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Embed our NYC Energy & Climate edition!

Spark social change - join our campaign to involve all New Yorkers in addressing climate change!

The city that never sleeps uses a lot of energy! Green Map System's interactive Energy & Climate edition brings crucial information to your fingertips, and invites your site suggestions, viewpoints and images to help keep it impactful and up to date. A wide range of energy conserving, generating and demonstration sites are on the map at With our power needs growing while there is an imperative to reduce our carbon footprint, this map will always be a work in progress.

We have been mapping energy and climate issues since 2006 (download print map PDF). Indeed, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we added the storm surge high water mark to the interactive edition. To underscore the reasons we need to act now, we have increased our climate mapping and engagement work as seen at our post- Sandy report, and in overview of outcomes and impacts.

We want to share this map with you. It's easy! Use the embed code beneath each map to add it to your own website or blog (on Wordpress, choose "html"-mode, not "visual"). We can make you a special widget if you let us know the centerpoint and base map you'd like - email apple [at] It's free, but donations are welcome. Join our Embed this Map campaign!

Our team of interns and staff has included Brigid Keating (LEED Buildings (read her blog here), Aaron Miller (solar and renewable sites (see his blog and NY State energy map research), Alexandra Purdy, Melanie Reed and Yutaka Nakashima, as well as director Wendy Brawer. We welcome your help in keeping it updated. Read more about how this map was made - our thanks to Con Edison's Strategic Partnership program for supporting this online initiative.

Widgets to Add to Your Website or Blog!

Citywide NYC Energy Green Map (map view, 100% x 600)

Brooklyn-Queens (satellite view, 100% x 600)

Manhattan Solar Empowerment Zones (map view, 60% x 500)

Staten Island & Brooklyn (map view, 60% x 500)

Featuring the Bronx (hybrid view, 60% x 500)

...and lastly, here's a view centered over our office in Manhattan's East Village!