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Background for Teachers, Environmental Educators and Youth and Community Group Leaders

Seeing our natural and built environments through the eyes of children and youth can be an enlightening experience, especially when presented on a Green Map they have created. We encourage educators and youth group leaders to start by exploring some of wonderful Youth Green Map projects, either by perusing quick overviews by_kids or more in-depth profiles in our Maps section (select “By Theme”, then “Youth”).

You will find many different age levels and curriculum goals (from ecology and social studies to art and civics) among the youth Green Map projects. All were created using our Youth Green Map System (YGMS) mapmaking tools. These adaptable resources (including over 20 different activities and guides) will aid in both your planning and charting process. You can use YGMS tools in any order, and change them as needed to match your own learning objectives. Green Map projects can be completed in a few sessions, or as continuing efforts that are built upon, semester after semester. Some youth projects grow into community-wide efforts, and often the sites youth chart are added to the related citywide Green Map.

Want a preview of the tools? See the list below, or download the YGMS Table of Contents. You can download our Icon poster in several languages, and read stories about youth mapping projects . You might find a local educator’s workshop or presentation on our calendar as well. Indeed, you’ll find many other resources pertaining to youth mapping throughout this website!

YGMS resources are based on actual experiences in classrooms, workshops, summer camps, and after school programs since 1998. Our educational resources are constantly expanding, as Green Mapmakers share new resources they create through the Tool Center.

Ready to get started?

Register your project to gain full access to the Tool Center and join the global movement. If you have questions, refer to the MapmakerFAQ before contacting us, please.

Your input is welcome, in your Map and Mapmaker Profiles, albums, and blogs. Let the world know how your project is progressing, and how it was presented to the public and impacted the community! Please share your own resources with the global network and extend invitations to your public events by using the calendar on the right. We especially appreciate resources in different languages, as well as promotional materials and other creative materials created by and for youth Green Map projects.

Involving youth in highlighting the natural and cultural places that intersect with daily life helps us make our neighborhoods healthier, more beautiful, and more sustainable!