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Introducing our Collaborative Mapmaking Resources

Green Map System resourcefully supports local leadership and vibrant community development in hundreds of cities and towns through diverse locally created Green Maps, award-winning global Icons, multi-lingual websites and resources, regional support Hubs, and our workshops and events. Among the most important is Green Map’s collaboratively developed mapmaking methodology.

The content of our Tool Center is listed on the right. It’s continually expanding, thanks to the contributions of Mapmakers and our supporters around the world. When you become a Green Mapmaker, you will be able to access the Tool Center at any time - you will also be able to contribute your own experiences and resources to benefit many other communities striving to become more sustainable.

All registered Mapmakers can create maps on our Open Green Map platform. Open Green Map is an interactive social mapping resource that reduces the technological, time and financial barriers to making and using Green Maps. Mapmakers can instantly share sites of importance as well as help update, rate, illustrate and translate them. Explore it here! If you need access to any of our Mapmaker Resources for research or other reasons, please contact us. You are welcome to download our organizational booklet at any time.

The Tool Center is part of the Green Map Greenhouse, which is the online registration, collaboration and presentation system available to all registered Green Mapmakers. The public can explore the wonderful project profiles contributed to the Greenhouse by visiting the Maps section of the website.

This website has a wealth of additional resources that reveal the impacts of our many years of work around the world. We invite you to explore them all! Click Blog to give us your feedback, respond in the comment box toward the bottom of each page or click Share This to give others a look.

The Green Map movement is constantly evolving – come back often to see how we are changing the world, one map at a time!