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Because we want to share our stories with the world, Green Map System produces ‘beyond the map’ resources, often in collaboration with regional Hubs and Mapmakers; Hubs have also created their own. They include books, DVDs with videos and slideshows, eBooks, posters and more, often aimed at general audiences. Each is described here, many are available in our Store, along with Green Maps and gift items!

Mapping Our Common Ground

NEW! May 2018 - download free eBook at

Third edition in color! Intergenerational hands-on mapmaking and community collaboration: this 2018 updated edition reflects the progress made in community mapping and technologies, featuring campus curriculum and research, digital technologies, participatory planning and co-development, and more.
Co-producers: Common Ground Community Mapping network, the University of Victoria Community Mapping Collaboratory in Canada, and the worldwide Green Map network, especially the Mapa Verde Americas Network.
65 pages.
Third edition in color, 2018.
Spanish (descarga aquí - download here!) and English editions, 2005, 2007, 2018.

Green Map Impacts

Updated 2014. Download free book at or review highlights and download by the story.

Why does this work matter? Green Map Impacts focuses on the various impacts and influences on 18 communities. Made in partnership with Green Map Japan and Green Map Aichi, these unique case studies were selected from Japan and around the world.
Format: A4 size, 50 p. full colored
Language: English, Japanese edition by request

Green Map Atlas

Ten locally-authored stories behind exciting Asian and North American efforts. Co-producers: Green Map System & Green Map Japan in 2004. This multimedia project was published as an 88 page color English book and bilingual CD-ROM disk (both available in our Store) and as an eBook in English or Japanese (downloaded over 200,000 times from

Green Map Activity Guide

Illustrated step-by-step manual featuring a photographic tour of sites that have been Green Mapped around the world, arranged according to icon.
Producer: Green Map Japan.
50 pages.
English & Japanese editions, 2005

Energetic Green Map Movement

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Colorful, evocative community mapping, and the Green Map Atlas in Chinese.
Producer: Society of Wilderness and Taiwan’s Green Mapmakers.
135 pages.
Traditional Chinese, 2005

Green Map Guide

Five kinds of Green Mapmaking are explored in this colorful book: environmental education, city planning, protecting nature, eco-transport, company social responsibility.
Producer: Green Map Aichi.
40 color pages.
Japanese, 2007

Green Map Media Anthology 2007 DVD

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Includes: 3 Slideshows all produced in 2007 by Green Map System:
Green Map Presents, World Tour and NYC Tour, and
4 Videos produced around the world:

Gotica a Gotica/ Drop by Drop, a moving portrait of Green Mapmaking in Cuban communities that have been working together since 1998. Created in 2004 by Ana Margarita Moreno and Centro Félix Varela. Spanish w/English subtitles.

Green Trailblazers, this lively 2005 video gives us a glimpse into the motivations behind efforts to include sustainability concerns in local planning and education in Pune, India and Tororo, Uganda. Created by Sneha Uplekar and Nebula Consultants. English and Bantu, w/English subtitles.

Seeds of a Global Movement was filmed in and around Green Map System’s global office and community in New York in 2006. Created by Mark Read’s New York University students Devika Coles, Liz Diamond and Kody Trauger in English.

Tokyo Yamanote Green Map Project’s welcoming video for the massive 2002 Tokyo Art Jungle exhibit about the charting of Tokyo's busy circular train line. Created by 2dk Co., Ltd.: David d'Heilly - Curator; Yohei Yasuda - Project Director; Soji Tominaga and Yoko Takiguchi - Video Production. Japanese w/English subtitles.

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