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Creating this website is a great story in and of itself!

Selected Stories from the Worldwide Green Mapmakers

Stories written by Green Mapmakers about their experience working on Green Map projects are a rich and informative resource. In addition to our Green Map Atlas anthology, a selection of "behind-the-map" stories is featured here.

Read these reports for planning ideas, creative solutions, technical details and all-around inspiration. Many thanks to the authors who contributed these thoughtful accounts. All of these stories pre-date the 2007 development of our Greenhouse content management system (described in the FAQ). Click Maps for a wealth of fresh fascinating stories, illustrated with map views, photos, data and more. Please visit the About section to read more about the evolution of Green Map System as a collaborative global movement.

Stories include:

Aichi's Story 05 describes how Aichi EXPO 2005 was enhanced by Chubu Recycle Citizens Organization’s diverse Green Map projects, alongside their popular showcases of local and global Green Maps.
Author: Green Map System Program Coordinator Alice Hartley, 2005 (see the album too.)

Cuba's Story 04 tells the resourceful, nationwide story of workshop and action oriented Green Mapmaking in this island nation. In English and Spanish.
Author: Mapas Verde Pan Americas Network, special thanks to Mapmakers Liana Bidart Cisneros of Havana Cuba and Maeve Lydon of Victoria, Canada 2004.

Taiwan's Story 03 shows how Society of Wilderness chapters created several unique maps with various community groups. In Traditional Chinese and English.
Author: Jen Pei Wong, with translation by Yan Yang, 2004. We launched in 2006!

GreenMap Japan 03 was one of the first Green Map Hubs, our regional/national mapmaking support centers. Read about this tremendously popular effort and how it has spread throughout a country.
Author: Green Map System, 2004.

The Global Mapmakers Meeting 02 in Bellagio, Italy was the first time a large group of Green Mapmakers from all parts of the world gathered together. Read about this historic meeting and its impressive outcomes; view the photo album too.
Author: Green Map System, 2002.

Gouda's Story 97 is derived from email messages sent back and forth during the development of the first interactive GIS web-based Green Map, and features several media and technology considerations that may still be relevant to today’s Green Mapmakers.
Authors: Michelle Thomasson & Frits van de Laan in The Netherlands, 1997.

Liverpool's Story 97 shows the initial step-by-step planning that evolved into a printed Green Map. It was the first one published in the UK, nearly three years after this plan was written.
Author: Andrew Dix in England, 1997.

Brooklyn's Story 02 tells about the making of Go Green NYC, a Green Map created by young people ages 12-17. The group explored the City by bike and produced a map focused on mobility, human power and alternative transportation.
Author: Sarahjane Sacchetti in New York City, 2001.

East Harlem's Story 00 is about a neighborhood map created by youth, who explored the geographic parish of All Saints Church. Read how the project brought the history, culture and natural places in their neighborhood to life.
Author: Dr. Robert Zuber in New York City, 2000.

Malmö's Story 99 covers the creation of two editions of this city and countryside Green Map. It was the first Green Map to achieve a second edition in print.
Author: Tor Fossum in Sweden, 1999.

Montreal's Story 98 covers the planning and publishing of the Tiotiake Eco-Montreal Maps in both printed and web-based form. This project was quite unique in its approach.
Authors: Jim Banks & Douglas Jack in Canada, 1998.

New York's Story 92 covers the "dawn" of the Green Map concept, way back in 1991. That original Green Apple Map inspired a response that led to the organization of the global program in 1995.
Author: Wendy Brawer, Green Map System’s founding director in New York, 1994.