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Aichi Expo 05

Aichi's Story ‘05 describes the participation of Green Map projects in Aichi EXPO 2005 (March – September 2005) led by Chubu Recycle Citizens Organization. Our global network was represented by GreenMap Aichi’s 40 diverse Green Map projects, alongside their two popular showcases of local and global Green Maps. “Organizers hoped to inspire visitors … to return home with a message of conservation and resource protection.’

Author: Green Map System Program Coordinator Alice Hartley, with Yoko Niwa (GreenMap Aichi) and Asako Kondo (GMS), 2005 (see related Albums - #1, #2, and #3, too.

Aichi Green Map's own website in Japanese is at

You can download this story as a pdf using the link to the attachment at the bottom of this page. Some of the links cited in this story are:

Expo 2005
BISHU Green Map
Expo 2005 Cycle Map
Green Map of Chita Peninsula
Nagakute Green Map
Green Map Owari-Asahi

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