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Shibukawa Green Map, Gunma Pref.
Past Mapmakers
Shibukawa City in Gunma Prefecture Japan has a Green Map project underway, with university technical advisor Morihiko Murakami and the Shibukawa Kankyo Forum (Shibukawa Environmental Forum) leading the effort.
Mt. Gassan Green Map, Yamagata Pref.
Past Mapmakers
Mount Gassan, Japan's Green Map project is led by "Stern" Shinichi Kusajima, a well-known activist, and the Waterwatch Network, based at the Virtual City of Shonai.
Nagakute Green Map, Aichi
Past Mapmakers
Ngakute City was the event site of 2005 Aichi EXPO and we introduce this wonderful city by mapping both western region adjacent to Nagoya City and eastern countryside holding mountain area. Our Green Map contributes to conservation of present nature environment.
Hokkaido Green Map
Past Mapmakers
Hokkaido, Japan will have a flora Green Map charting the whole prefecture. The Hokkaido Flower Consortium will be working with Yuji Sakamoto, a systems engineer with IAC Co., ltd to create this Japanese and English language Green Map.
Higashi-Fukuoka Green Map
Past Mapmakers
Higashi-Fukuoka Green Map is created from our hope that our mapmaking is of some help to educational campaign for improving function check and contaminated area which is a proposed site of Ramsar Convention as a recycling society.
Takaoka Green Map, Toyama Pref.
Past Mapmakers
Our theme is environmentally conscious tourism including reduction of CO2 emission. We create maps for sightseeing in Takaoka City by using bicycles and public transportation facilities.
Osaka Chuo Green Map
Past Mapmakers
Osaka Chuo Green Map is a digital Green Map developed using Mixi social networking resources. It will involve many members of the public, and is being created by Chikafumi Kawamoto, a government official with the Osaka Industrial Design Center, Osaka Prefectural Government. In 2006, our community has 2,000,000 members so far.
Osaka Naniwa Kansho Green Map
Past Mapmakers
This map is by architect Naomi Yoshihara of Yoshihara Architectural Plan Studio. She is developing a printed multi-lingual Green Map in 2006, working with colleagues and volunteers.
Takarazuka Eco Map, Hyogo Pref.
Past Mapmakers
This map is created by the member of Takarazuka Eco Staff, environmental organizations in Takarazuka, and so on.
Setagaya Green Map, Tokyo
Past Mapmakers
Setagaya Green Map was the first Green Map created in the metropolitan Tokyo area. This map was launched for learning “Setagaya of today” by the people who loves Setagaya and hope to maintain their living.