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U.S Dept. of State acknowledges Green Map System's Founding-Director

United States Department of State Certificate of Appreciation was bestowed on Wendy Brawer for her contribution to the success of its International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) by sharing her time and professional expertise. The emphasis of the program is to increase mutual understanding through communication at the personal and professional levels.

Each year, almost five thousand individuals are invited by U.S. Embassies to the United States to meet American counterparts and to become acquainted with this country. Green Map System's Founding-Director and its diverse staff based in New York City are among the organizations who have welcomed geographically and professionally diverse groups of leaders in government and private sectors.

Green Map® Icons Receives Honorable Mention

Green Map® Icons, the heart of the Green Map movement, have been awarded an honorable mention from Eyebeam's Eco-Vis Challenge under the Eco-Icons category.

Eyebeam received 140 applications from all of the world, and awarded one winner and two honorable mentions in the two categories of the challenge (Eco-Icons and Eco-Visualizations). Green Map System award is inclusion in two upcoming exhibitions.

The jurors made their decision based on clarity of thought, design, concept,and execution. The award winners' submitted proposals will be on display January 5-26 (opening reception January 5, 6-8pm) and the fully realized projects will be included in our exhibition opening March 13, more »

Tokyo Bike Map at Eco Cup Japan 2007

See English below Japanese

グリーンマップがパネル展示されます。14日には東京自転車マップのプレゼンテーションもあります。その他にも多くの新しいエコアイデアが紹介されますのでお近くのかたは是非足を運んでみて下さい。read more »

Tokyo Cycling Green Map receives GOOD DESIGN Award!

The Tokyo Cycling Green Map was created to encourage development of a bike lane network and safer riding by Urban Ecology Tokyo and volunteers since 2006. The first printed citywide version was published in January 2007. There is also an interactive online edition in Japanese or in English that anyone can add green sites to and use to get involved in creating a better environment for cycling in this metropolis.

We're so pleased to share the news that the Tokyo Cycling Green Map won a GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2007 in the category of Communications - this is the most honorable design award in Japan! read more »

We discovered a new kind of anemone fish.

We discovered several kinds of unconfirmed anemone fish last winter.When it is a clear new kind, the one of them is confirmed that is a clear new kind by Dr. Uchida.He is the most famous specialist about anemone fish in Japan.All of them are nocturnal.
Aichi Green Map was chosen as the "imminent wildlife investigation" group that Ministry of the Environment sponsored in 2007.

A Green Map Site Receives Local Recognition

The Botanical Garden of the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira in Colombia, was distinguished as "Environmental Project 2006" by the local government.

The City Council of Pereira recognized this important project for its contribution to the environmental education.

This biodiverse garden was included in the UTP's Green Map, a university campus project located in the traditional coffee growing ecoregion of Colombia.

Visit the profile here.

El Jardín Botánico de la Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira en Colombia fue distinguido como "Proyecto Ambiental 2006" por el gobierno more »

Mapmaker and Rural Advocate Receives National Award

August 2007

Rev. Mac Legerton of Pembroke, North Carolina has been selected as the recipient of the 2007 Distinguished Service to Rural Life Award of the Rural Sociological Society (RSS)

Dr. Stephen Gasteyer, 2007 RSS Awards Chair, stated: “The purpose of the Distinguished Service to Rural Life Award is to recognize a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the enhancement of rural life and rural people. Rev. Legerton embodies the spirit of this award with his hard work and his commitment to social justice and enhancing the quality of life of rural people. In a county that at once embodies the diversity of rural America and the wrenching economic transformation caused by international globalization, Rev. Legerton’s organization, the Center for Community Action (CCA), has provided a ray of hope by empowering local citizens for positive social change.”

This Green Map Project is the only rural project selected in the world to be included in the Green Map Atlas, too.

Download the Press Release here.

Tokyo Bike Green Map is nominated for GOOD DESIGN AWARDS

東京自転車グリーンマップがGOOD DESIGN AWARDにノミネートされました。”東京自転車グリーンマップを普及させ、自動車の代替としての自転車の利用を増やすことで、クリーンな環境とアメニティを取り戻し、地球温暖化の低減に貢献することをめざす。”というコンセプトで創られたこのグリーンマップは、”地図”という媒体を通して都市計画にまで発展させていく事を目的としています。“GOOD DESIGN展”が8月24日から26日まで東京ビッグサイトで開催されますので、是非足を運んで下さい。
read more »

Environmental Quality Award

April 2007 - New York City, USA

Green Map System was recognized with the Environmental Quality Award by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for our role in improving environmental quality in our region.

Actionable Idea

2006 - Vancouver, Canada

Green Map System was dubbed an Actionable Idea by Habitat Jam, an online conference set the stage for the United Nations World Urban Forum III (WUF3). Open to public and private-sector organizations and individuals around the world, 70 Actionable Ideas defined forum themes.