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Baltimore Update

Think Global. Map Local. Hi Tech, low tech, both have their charms.

Low tech works well for outreach. It's fun, immediate, and stimulates interesting conversations. Baltimore Green Map used icon stickers, 4 x 6 cards and a city map to collect new sites to be Green Mapped at Baltimore Office of Sustainability's annual Town Hall on April 18. We learned about several community gardens and orchards that are new to our map and recorded why there is pride in these community accomplishments. This methodology also became the vehicle to learn of several locations where residents see opportunities for major improvements. That points the way to new hyper-local mapping to give voice to their ideas. read more »

News about "United Nations" area Green Map in Geneva I discovered Green Map as I was a student at Geneva University in Swizerland, while I was completing my certificate in Geomatics. I realised the "United Nations" area Green Map in Geneva as an intern at « association internationale Green Map pour la Suisse Romande » in collaboration with the association «Usine21 ». Honoré Yao Doh for Durabilidée. read more »

10th Taipei Tech Matsu Volunteers Mapping on Beigan Luoshan Nature Trail!

mapping survey on Beigan Luoshan Nature Trail(北竿螺山自然生態區) 2014-7-2

read more »

10th Taipei Tech uni student Matsu volunteer team mapping survey and eating big apples on the Beigan Luoshan Nature Trail.
You can find more information on the



Engaging with Green Map Icons

With the Druid Hill Park Passport and mapping workshops, we are taking the Green Map icons off the map and onto new places: as stickers to show that a mapped park has really been explored and on the foreheads of young folks assessing the green features of a local arboretum!

Learn more when you check out Baltimore Green Map's latest newsletter .

A New Man

I'm a new man.Time make me live.I admit that I'm not good at anything and look forward to learning more.


This is the Nansha Tan Village Resources Survey Summary Report

11红树林 罗燕莉(栗子)
上一次去坦头村还是一年前,感觉会有点不同。我们更加关注一路上的风景,在慢慢行走的过程中关心自己的所见所闻,在比较安静的状态下,观察和思考这一趟看到和听到的一些东西。不知道这一趟是否有开阔孩子们的视野,但对于我来说是增长了一些见识。read more »

Passport to Adventure via the Druid Hill Park Green Map

Passport's Inside Front Cover

In 2010 we made a very popular Green Map for a major park in Baltimore, the Druid Hill Park Green Map. So many people admired it, but never went to the park that I was determined to make an activity-oriented passport to encourage full exploration of the park's resources. Last summer I used the Kickstarter crowd-sourced funding platform to raise the major chunk of money needed. And just 2 weeks ago, on April 19, we launched the Passport at a party that also kicked off Baltimore's 10th Annual Green Week.

The major themes of Nature, History, Exercise and Culture delineate activities in four distinct regions of the park. The icons and location on the map are referenced on each page , and colorful icon sticker "stamps" match each activity. We also emphasized volunteer opportunities and are using the stickers as a way to draw people inside the Conservatory, now celebrating its 125th anniversary. Another way we will know it is successful is if we attract more people to join the park's "Friends of..." advocacy more »

Pierre Green Map in Local News

Residents and visitors to the city of Pierre, South Dakota now have a way to find "green." The online Pierre Green Map shows the local resources and assets that help make Pierre a green and sustainable community.

The map shows sites related to sustainable living, nature, and culture and community. Mapmaker Anne Lewis says the purpose of the map is to promote what sustainability assets and resources Pierre has. "We want to build upon what we already have," says Anne Lewis. "We want to support people who already offer sustainable resources as well as involve people who would like to start by literally showing them where."read more »

Cape Town prints 4th Edition Cape Town Green Map

Cape Town Green Map 4th Edition

2012 was a busy year for the Cape Town Green Map. Through it all we managed to produce our 4th Edition Print Map, with the support of the City of Cape Town's Waste Management Department.

See our Media release below,

The 4th print edition of the Cape Town Green Map is now available, with a focus on green by design in line with Cape Town being awarded the World Design Capital in 2014.

Waste and recycling is another key focus. The front cover of the map features three children disposing of litter in a Zibi Bin. The fourth edition highlights some of the City’s initiatives aimed at waste minimization, encouraging citizens to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The map features tips from Zibi, the city’s mascot for waste and recycling. read more »

Bate-papo sobre o Mapa Verde Curitiba - a sustentabilidade no território da cidade

A sustentabilidade é um tema de interesse crescente e importância real.
Para desmitificar este assunto tão polêmico a Fnac e a Band Curitiba promovem um encontro com Sílvia Pedroso Xavier, Arquiteta e Urbanista, Mestre em Construção Civil e consultora do Projeto Mapa Verde Curitiba.
Em um bate-papo descontraído a convidada conduzirá uma reflexão sobre os aspectos de sustentabilidade relacionados ao território da cidade, sobre mudanças de hábitos e apresentará o Projeto Mapa Verde Curitiba.

Baltimore Green Map Newsletter

Second Graders Survey Their School Grounds

Every so often we manage to publish a newsletter; Here's a link to the latest one:

Reminder to international community - I still hope to create some national/international exchange among school children. Get in touch if you want to get involved.

A festival of feedback

The Annual Solstice Festival was celebrated in Broederstroom yesterday.

The Festival is a proven success, attracting hundreds of people to the Magaliesberg Biosphere for the day. Local Musicians and Craft Beer are the items at the top of the bill.

We rolled out a region map, indicated some popuar places to kickstart the process, and then invited the festive crowd to indicate where they love to go and why.

We "discovered" some new places, and confirmed others. It was a wonderful day under the clear winter sky of the Magaliesberg Biosphere.

Westside Story of Green Map Project@Changsha

Westside Story
——Amelie from German

This is our first day of exploration, our first day of project work. Yesterday we had an introduction conference and now our project has officially started.

By reason that our main topic is the protection of the Xiang River, the first step for all of us was to get used with this river our project is about. We can’t promote what we don’t know. So our main goal for this day was to get acquainted with Xiang River and the area around more »

Mapping Baltimore Green Week 2012

Green Events! Green Organizations! Green Collaborations! Baltimore Green Map is collaborating with Baltimore Green Works to map Baltimore Green Week 2012. (a plethora of "green") As many mapmakers know, it's a great way to capture the geographic dimensions of multiple activities around common themes.

Отчет о деятельности в системе Green Map 2011 год

В 2011 году работа по созданию «Водной карты г.Казани» в системе Green Map активно продолжалась. Мы представляли наш проект на различных конкурсах и конференциях. Ниже представлен список наиболее значимых мероприятий, где был представлен проект «Водная карта г.Казани»:
- проект «Водная карта города Казани» стал победителем Российского Национального Конкурса Водных Проектов Старшеклассников (апрель, 2011) и получил право представлять РФ на Международном Юниорском Водном Конкурсе в Стокгольме;read more »

Report on activities in Green Map System 2011

In 2011 work on the «Water Map of Kazan city» in the Green Map System is actively continued. We presented our project at different ecological competitions and conferences. List of the most significant events, where we presented our project «Water Map of Kazan city» is presented below:

- The project "Water map of Kazan city" won the Russian National Junior Water Prize in Moscow (April 2011) and received the right to present Russian Federation at the Stockholm Junior Water Prize;

- We have created a Youth Ecological Portal and called it GreenTeen ( It provides information of different environmental issues and different ecological events, conferences, competitions, etc. Firstly we have placed «The water map of Kazan city» on this site. The moderators of the site are schoolchildren. The portal was created in April 2011. At the present time it is actively developing;read more »

Workshop in Shuishi Village, China

I think it to me, and to all the people of the workshop, November, 2011, 26 and 27 are memorable days. Because the two days, most of the people are the first time for full participation in the Green - Map drawing process. Attend the period, we learned a lot, thought a lot and felt a lot, grew many......

On the morning of 26th, our teacher——"Whale", a teacher from Taiwan Society of Wilderness brought and showed us many fine green-maps from all over the world. She gave us detailed introduction to the origin of the green-map and the development of it , and the differences between green-map and the general map , the green-map visit quartet (commentator, TaZha, drawings, share), rendering the purpose of green-map (environment education, community development, etc), green Icon and the story behind the green-map... read more »

2011.12.10 Green Map Report for Odawara, Kanagawa prefecture

直前のアナウンスになってしまいましたが、神奈川県小田原市で、この3月に完成した、『おだわらグリーンマップ』とその後の展開につながる講演会が、明日、開催される運びとなりました。人数も小規模なもので、初の試みで、どんな感じになるかわかりませんか、少しでも関心をもってくれる方々の輪が広がるといいなと思っています☆2010年グリーンマップハーモニーも配布します!詳しくはこread more »

Green Map Exhibition & Workshop at Eco Life Plaza in Kitakyushu

北九州エコライフプラザにて、グリーンマップ展を開催しています。全国からのサステイナブルな商品を集めたエコライフプラザ。今回のグリーンマップワークショップでは、小倉駅周辺のお店を回りながら、『まち・生活・ショッピング』をテーマに、グリーンマップづくりをチャレンジします。『エコ』とか『環境に優しい』ものって良く聞くけどいまいちピンとこないっと感じる人は是非参加してみてください!1人1人のちょっとした毎日の生活への気づきが、世の中を変えていく more »