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Kazan Russia

Kazan - Tatarstan Republic - Russian Federation - Europe
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Center for child creative work "Tankodrom"
Центр Детского творчества "Танкодром"
Oleg Shamaev
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"Tankodrom" is the state educational organization.

Statement of Purpose

Kazan is the large industrial, cultural and shopping center of Tatarstan Republic. Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan Republic. The population of the city of Kazan is about 1200000. The large enterprises of mechanical engineering (aircraft construction, motor-industry), the enterprises of light industry are located here.
The Tatarstan Republic is the first-ever region on practical realization of the principles incorporated in the Earth Charter.
Our primary goal - to give for all inhabitants of cities and settlements a trustworthy information about a condition of an environment. We plan to involve in process of creation of cards of schoolboys, students of colleges and higher educational institutions, scientific community.
The working group includes scientists-experts of Institute, the teachers of schools and teachers of the children's ecological centers, pupils of the senior classes of schools.
We wish to unite efforts of the children's ecological-biological centers in 8 areas of city of Kazan and 15 cities of Tatarstan Republic for creation of green cards.
The institute will be the coordination center in gathering and ordering of the information, in preparation of local cards, will promote duplicating of it and a wide circulation among the population and municipal controls. We plan to create web-page Green Map Russia on a site of Institute on the Internet. In our opinion creation Green Map of cities promotes realization of the humanistic ideas incorporated in this program.
Process of creation of cards will be widely presented in mass media. We are supported by the Ministry of education and sciences of Tatarstan Republic, the Ministry of ecology and natural resources, the Ministry of youth, the Ministry of sports and tourism of Tatarstan Republic. We plan to publish the illustrated bulletin for school ecological education and city inhabitants of Kazan in Russian and Tatar languages in following directions: drinking water, gardening of cities, the industry and an environment, production and consumption wastes, in the world of a science. We shall lead public lectures for schoolboys and their parents on actual problems of the city environment. As the Institute is the leading ecological organization in Tatarstan Republic results of its activity are accessible for a wide range of the population.
The green world, the blue sky, pure water for all and everyone.

No Longer an Active Project
This is no longer an active project. If you would like to start a Green Map project in this community, please go to the Participate section of the website and register.
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