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Tel Aviv Israel

Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv ) - Israel - Israel - Africa & Middle East
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Tel Aviv Green Map
מפה ירוקה - תל אביב
Bernice Keshet
English  Hebrew
About this Mapmaker

Green Map® System promotes inclusive participation in sustainable community development worldwide, using mapmaking as our medium.

מפה ירוקה היא ארגון ללא מטרת רווח המקדם פיתוח קהילתי בר קיימא ברחבי העולם תוך שימוש במיפוי ככלי שיתופי וחינוכי.

Statement of Purpose

Tel Aviv is a wonderful, vibrant city with many green and sustainable initiatives taking place and lots of cool places to discover. As a long time resident of the city, it seemed to me that we are definitely missing a Green Map to connect together everyone who is interested in supporting sites and businesses that celebrate and respect our natural environment.
The Tel Aviv Sustainable Food Map introduces green and sustainable restaurants, markets and stores to residents and tourists in both Hebrew and English. By making a conscious choice about the places we support with our money, we can make Tel Aviv a greener, healthier place for everyone to live in and visit.

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