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Neili Li Taiwan

Neili (Taoyuan ) - Taoyuan - Taiwan - Asia
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內壢里辦公室 Neili Li Office
Sylvia Huang
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Since 2010, residents of Neili Vil. have begun working community art restructuring plan with students from Art and Design, Yuan Ze University. They started a series of art from indoor to outdoor through continuous negotiations, coordination and cooperation. their idea combined with students' native land imagination, growth process and foreign land story of Neili Vil. Now we can find all kinds of amazing cumulative results done by local residents and three graduates from YZU everywhere in Neili Vil. While wandering among these alleys, you can find the life image from those touching arts. For the residents, they can not only enhance the aesthetic qualities of life, but also conhere local coherecommunity consciousness and re-examine the living conditions. For those uprooted students, when they integrated into the local community life and culture in the creative process, they even considered a second home here.


Statement of Purpose

School teachers and local residents explored achievements of Neili community improvement and art works by reconnaissance. This action allows residents love where they live more then ever, and then join the work team, enhance both their life and environmental quality.


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