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Vitebsk Belarus

Belarus - Belarus - Belarus - Europe
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International Non-Governmental Organization EKAPRAEKT
Мiжнародная грамадская арганiзацыя "ЭКАПРАЕКТ"
Maria Falaleeva
Russian, Belarussian 
About this Mapmaker

"Ekapraekt" is an international non-governmental organization based in Belarus. Our mission is to be a "bridging organization" combining our professional expertise in geography, environmental science, planning and education with public-led initiatives for sustainable future in Belarus and Europe.

Statement of Purpose

"Green Map of Vitebsk" is a pilot project which aims to both distribute and collect information about sustainable development in urban areas in Belarus. We are promoting the view on urban sustainability as a life quality for a commune in every sense - from healthy environment to strong connections with the local culture. Vitebsk Green Map is a part of a broader "Green Vitebsk" and "Green Cities" initiatives which we currently develop in Belarus.

Vitebsk - is a regional center in Belarus with the population of about 300.000. A historical and industrial center, Vitebsk is also known as "the cultural capital" of Belarus and hosts a number of national and international festivals and events.

The Vitebsk Green map is primarily oriented on the local residents - communities, families, NGOs, students, teachers. We also hope that, while the project will be developing, it can offer a platform for cooperation between the different groups. The project is led by the NGO "Ekapraekt" and will be implemented in cooperation with local universities, schools and NGOs.

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