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Ontario - CA - United States - North America
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Shelley Langford
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The Healthy Communities' goal is to improve the health and well-being of all county residents by improving access and information availabilty concerning physical activity, nutritious food, and appropriate health care.

Statement of Purpose

To empower the community of Ontario to take ownership of its health and make Ontario a model city by improving physical, social, economic health, and well-being.
By producing a clear map that will be distributed to the public upon completion through a city publication, the hopes are that knowledgeable residents will live more healthful and physically active lifestyles that will be passed down through the generations.
An additional positive outcome that this map will provide will illustrate the status of what the city currently provides for its residents and highlight what is needed or missing. The hopes are that the city and county planning departments can visually see what is lacking from a healthy environment and if more attention needs to be drawn to the transportation, parks, recreation, etc. sectors and what has already successfully been planned.

City Facts:
Located 35 miles east of Los Angeles
Nearly 50 square miles
Population: 172,000 people
Anticipated growth by 2020: 120,000 due to the planned 8,200 acre upscale residential development, the New Model Colony (13-square miles)
Almost 400 acres of parks with bicycle, hiking, pedestrian, and equestrian trails in addition to lake and pool swimming available to the public.
(More information can be found at

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No Longer an Active Project
This is no longer an active project. If you would like to start a Green Map project in this community, please go to the Participate section of the website and register.
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