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Helsinki Finland

Helsinki Region - Uusimaa - Finland - Europe
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Helsinki Green Map
Cindy Kohtala
Project leader
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The Green Map of Helsinki, Finland, is created and organized by the Helsinki Green Map working group. We are a collaboration of Green Map enthusiasts, including members of O2 Finland, design researchers, graphic designers, journalists, and activists.

Statement of Purpose

Helsinki Green Map formed in 2009 as an cooperative of Green Map enthusiasts who saw the benefits of mapping the green credentials of the Helsinki region. We continuously update our Open Green Map with various sites, as well as work with specific events and organizations in the Helsinki Capital Region to provide guide maps and specifically themed maps for their participants and stakeholders. We work closely with Aalto University and non-profit organizations such as Dodo ry.

Helsinki is the capital and largest city in Finland. The Helsinki Metropolitan Area, actually formed of four municipalities in the capital city region including Espoo, has a population of about one million. A key emerging area of interest and competence in Finland is the Open Data movement and how open information, combined with mapping services and technological innovation, can help drive more sustainable lifestyles by aiding in everyday decision-making.

The main aim of Helsinki Green Map is to serve as documentation and an information source of Helsinki's eco-credentials, which in turn will benefit local green businesses, tourism, retail, and cultural and non-profit organizations. The primary purpose is to empower local citizens and residents to live sustainable and enriching lifestyles, by enhancing their local sustainability literacy and awareness.

The working group is led by Design-for-Sustainability researcher and O2 Finland member Cindy Kohtala. The group includes designers, students, researchers, journalists and like-minded individuals.

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