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tel aviv spni

Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv ) - israel - Israel - Africa & Middle East
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SPNI (society for protection of natutre in Israel)
החברה להגנת הטבע
galia Hanoch-roe
Director of the Tel aviv branch SPNI
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About this Mapmaker

The Society for the Protection of Nautre i Israel (SPNI), Israel's oldest and largest non-governmental environmental organization, has been working for over 60 years to protect Israel's nature and heritage by educating the younger feneration to safeguard the landscape of their homeland/

Statement of Purpose

The green map of Tel-Aviv is an urban map which presents layers of information that has to do with sustinability, nature, environment and community.

Local Language Overview

המפה הירוקה של ירושלים, היא מפה עירונית לתושב ולתייר המציגה שכבות מידע העוסקות בנושאי סביבה, חברה ואורח חיים ירוק

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