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Green Map of Dublin

Dublin - Dublin - Ireland - Europe
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Green Map of Ireland
Carla Marina Soriano
Project leader
English  Portuguese
About this Mapmaker

The Green Map of Ireland is a personal project of an individual passionate about sustainability, who wants to show all the places where people go to do their bit for the environment. From a local to a global scale, the map will start in Dublin city and will expand to other cities and counties by the time.

Statement of Purpose

To share good environmental practices in Ireland in order promote green businesses and to encourage people to do their bit for the country's environment.

Local Language Overview

O Mapa da Irlanda foi criado para mostrar todos os lugares onde as pessoas vão na Irlanda para contribuir com a sustentabilidade ambiental do país. Ao compartilhar boas práticas, eu espero encorajar outras pessoas a também fazerem a sua parte!

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