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Mapa Verde Mogi Mirim

Mogi Mirim - São Paulo - Brazil - Latin America
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Instituto Ambiente Total
Lis Blanco
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English, Spanish, French
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Preserving life is part of our nature!

Statement of Purpose

Instituto Ambiente total is a non profitable organization which has as its main goal to preserve all life forms through education and cooperation between people. Our work aims to enlarge the knowledge of all the citizens in different scales, since its own being until his house, his neighborhood, his city, country and environment.
Through the use of Green Map system it will be possible to identify several aspects of the relation between the human kind and nature.
The main goal of the Green Map project in Mogi Mirim is to incentive the discussion about how the city is dealing with the process of pursuit of sustainability and life quality and rethink the relation between the city, the citizens and water resources. Thus, the green map project will be a tool that will encourage the citizens to rethink and value the way their city is developing and using its own resources.
The development of the Green Map will be leaded by the Intituto Ambiente Total team, but with the direct participation of the Mogi Mirim citizens, all together with the municipal public administration, schools and non governmental organizations.
The locations that are going to be part of the map are all related with environmental issues such as green areas, natural products shop, faire trade, environmental companies but mainly the ones realted with the hydric resources. The map makers are going to collect information about these locations which are going to be the basis of the cartographic elaboration.
After the conclusion of the map using international icons and new ones created by the group, the Green Map team will distribute CD- ROM in different location trough the city, and using the online and printed map the population will be able to add more places and develop even more the green map goals.

Local Language Overview

O principal objetivo do Mapa Verde de Mogi Mirim é pensar como a cidade está lidando com o seu processo de desenvolvimento econômico, social e cultural sem deixar de lado a questão da sustentabilidade, principalmente no que diz respeito aos recursos hídricos.
Assim o Mapa Verde de Mogi Mirim pretende mapear a situação hídrica do município para compreender e melhorar as condições de saneamento básico, que são parte fundamental para uma relação equilibrada entre sociedade e meio ambiente.

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