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HeFei (HeFei ) - AnHui Province - China - Asia
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Green Urban Planning Group of Hefei University of Technology
合肥工业大学城市规划10-01班 绿色城乡规划组
Project leader
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With persistence and passion, we are planning a garden-city future for the world as a whole

Statement of Purpose

1. Understanding the current situation of urbanization and planting in Hefei rural-urban fringe

Through the research on Hefei rural-urban area and the contrast of, cases outside and inside the fringe, a garden-city program can be strongly developed and be performed. In the meantime, it also assists the whole team member get a general idea on the temporary urban-city planting and urbanization process.

2. Calling for the public awareness of building a garden-city and a necessary reasonable reconstruction toward rural area

With the painting of Gangji primary school and its surrounding environment, Dashu mountain scenic spot and Hefei botanical garden, and the relevant questionnaire at the later period in this research process, improve the resident’s environmental conscious and help the Hefei government and planning agency discover various problems arousing from the progress of urbanization, and offer the local authorities some practical solutions.

On the one hand, news media calls increasingly individual to pay their attention to the environmental problems along with urbanization process and urgent rational reconstruction and city programming. On the other hand, it infuses a sense of a green-city concept and promotes more and more people joining this building work.

3. Broaden members horizon and develop professional knowledge
1) Due to most of the participants in our group major in urban planning management, through this type of research activity, everyone can comprehend their career field better and even more, because of environmental element displayed in the project, to some extent, participants can put forward such idea in their afterward study and work. Hope everyone can achieve their goal---become an urban and rural planner.

2) Strengthen member’s environmental awareness. Our team members are able to perfect their understanding of protecting ecology after spot research and lots of data analysis.

3) Strengthen the ability of communication between team members themselves and the outside world. In this research, we have two off-campus partners; that’s GMS and Friend of Nature (Beijing). In the following time, we will contact the government authorities in Gangji town (progressing now). Meanwhile, our group plan to reach television broadcasting station and ask sponsors when all the preparation work completed. This whole activity require possessing of a great cooperative and communication ability,

Local Language Overview

1) 由于本团队绝大多数属于城市规划专业学生,通过此次的调研活动,大家将对城乡布局有一个概括的认识,同时环保元素的加入也有助于大家将绿色的观念带入今后的学习生活工作中去,希望大家以后都可以成为绿色城乡规划师。
2) 加强队员的环保观念。通过实地调研、收集大量资料并分析,我们的队员必将对环保有一个更为全面的认识。
3) 加强队员与外界的合作能力。本次调研活动我们的校外合作伙伴有GMS和北京的自然之友协会两个。后期还将与岗集镇的政府机关取得联系(现正在联系中),同时本团队也将在活动基本准备就绪后着手联系电视台和拉赞助,整个过程都需要考验到队员的对外合作交流能力。

No Longer an Active Project
This is no longer an active project. If you would like to start a Green Map project in this community, please go to the Participate section of the website and register.
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