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Shimata Elementary School

Shimata - Yamaguchi - Japan - Asia
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Shimata Elementary School
Shiraishi Yuko
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We use Green Map for Environmental Educational tool at Shimata Public Elementary School in Hikari city located in Yamaguchi prefecture, which is the southern part of the main land in Japan(Honshu). Its population is 55thousand and Area is 92 square km, is surrounded by beautiful landscape of Seto inland sea and mountains such as “Murozumi” beach that is famous for blue pines on white sand and “Iwakisan”mountain. ”Shimata Elementary School” is located on the east side of “Shimata” river of which area is rather residential than agriculture. There are a few manufactures like “Takeda Chemical” and “Nippon Steel Corporation”by the river.

Statement of Purpose

We have found "Green Map" when we were discussing ways to learn about sustainability at one of school environmental programs that is an observation of nature and creatures in Shimata river. Green Map making would help us to protect nature by ourselves and also to understand geography of our neighborhoods( streets and parks) to protect kids themselves from strangers that could make kids in danger. Kids will enjoy making a map by using icons and we would like to introduce our finish Green Map to not only other cities in Japan, also to the world.

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