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Rome (Roma, The Eternal City ) - Lazio - Italy - Europe
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Greenmap Rome
Giuseppe Molinario
Project leader
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Rome Green map is a project dedicated to giving Romans and visitors useful information about sustainable and green living in the city, with particular emphasis put on sustainable and alternative transportation. The project is lead by two young GIS professionals living in Rome, who have had one too many rambling conversations on how badly the public transportation works and how hard and frustrating it is for people to get by without being motorized. This project will hopefully fill an information gap, giving people a tool to aid them in driving change in the 'eternal city.'

Statement of Purpose

Rome has relatively inefficient public transportation networks and only a "dysfunctional" cycling route network. In most cases the infrastructure exists, but is connected poorly and simply does not make a cohesive "system." Furthermore, information regarding the use of public transportation, use of cycling routes, and especially the mixed (inter-modal) use of sustainable transportation, is rather cryptic and hard to find.

The objective of Rome Green map is to begin a comprehensive Green map of Rome by starting by tackling the issues mentioned above, which are commonly seen as the most serious hurdles in living a sustainable green life in the city. The target audience is made in part residents of Rome and in part by tourists. Rome Green map will publish its work on a web based GIS map that will be dynamically explored, queried, and will allow visitors to download and print maps. In further phases of the project, it is likely that the project will also expand to paper media, possibly with the sponsorship of the City Government and Environmental NGO's on the territory.

Green map Rome is currently in a beginning phase, in which the organization of the team is taking place, as is work on the architecture of the web-GIS website and the gathering of all necessary information on sustainable transportation, cycling, inter-modal services and such. This project is currently led by two young GIS professionals living in Rome. Giuseppe Molinario is an Environmental Consultant and GIS expert who also has mature professional experience in the field of Transportation Studies: in particular the quantification of the external costs of transportation. The other project leader is Emelie Healy, a consultant to the Food and Administration Organization of the UN, in Rome. Both are avid recreational cyclists and both would like to see Rome become a city of bikes rather than cars. The wish to share this feeling with thousands of other Romans, many of whom are involved in grassroots and community organizations, social centers, and cooperatives whose objectives span from the promotion of cycling to the protection of the local livelihood and the environment. The Rome Green map currently does not involve other team members, however other people are being recruited and hopefully the team will expand soon.

Rome Green map’s time frame is to publish an online transportation map before the summer, and to expand it progressively in subsequent "layers" of information throughout 2007.

Local Language Overview

Rome Greenmap è un progetto dedicato a dare ai romani come ai turisti delle informazioni utili per vivere la città in modo verde e sostenibile, con particolare enfasi sulle risorse che riguardano le modalità di trasporto alternative e sostenibili. Il progetto è guidato da due professionisti del settore GIS (Geographical Information System) che hanno avuto troppe inconseguenti conversazioni sull'inefficienza e la cattiva gestione del sistema di trasporto pubblico della città, e su come sia difficile e frustrante vivere senza essere motorizzati. La speranza è che questo progetto riesca a riampire una lacuna di informazioni a riguardo, dando alle persone uno strumento aggiuntivo per vivere la città in modo sostenibile e contribuire ad un cambiamento dello stato delle cose.

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This is no longer an active project. If you would like to start a Green Map project in this community, please go to the Participate section of the website and register.
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